Health care will get worse. Progressives will abandon him. Conservatives will hate him.

We watched a video clip the other night which you can watch below. It’s about seven minutes long and worth your time.

Universal Health Care Message to Americans From Canadian Doctors & Health Care Experts

The Canadian doctors and health care experts in the above clip makes an excellent case for why implementing a single payer universal health care system like what they have up north would be both more  economical and more fair. They also make one wish that our some of our policy makers were so dispassionate, fair-minded and above all pragmatic.

God bless them for trying, and for making just about the best argument that one can make for Single Payer Health Coverage. But if America based its decisions on facts, rational arguments and best practices (click here; read it and weep), like the private sector typically does, than we would have implemented Universal Coverage a long time ago.

But we don’t and so we won’t.

Earlier that evening we were  listening to a snippet from the program The Young Turks on Sirius Radio’s “America Left” channel. It’s an OK show. We agree with the host on most issues but, I mean, c’mon!

Liberal justs don’t do talk radio all that well. Listening to “America Left” actually gives us a new respect for what Limbaugh and Hannity do; though it’s the type of respect that we reserve  for a snake killing a puppy.

Anyways, this is the portion that we found interesting

The Young Turks / Olbermann Threatens Obama

Both video clips are on the theme of the health care debate in the U.S–such as it is.

Clip #1 makes a case for Single Payer by Canadians who work within their countries Single Payer system which is called Medicare (not to be confused with America’s system of the same name, which only covers those over 65 years of age).

Clip #2 shows an interesting trend in the progressive movement (full disclosure: the Nattering Nabobs are part of the progressive movement): might they drop their support for President Obama in 2012 (and for the rest of this term) and support a progressive candidate for the Democratic Nomination OR for the nomination of a Progressive Party? We’re not sure, but we will say that a lot hinges on the president’s speech to congress on Wednesday, September 9th.

Right now, we just want to touch on one part idea that we gleamed from these two video clips, and then in our next post we’ll expand upon the rest later. We’re already running late on this Sunday morning.

Obama’s drift to the center is a particular slap in the face to those progressives to whom President Obama owes his career. That’s obvious. But we want to hit on one idea that I took from both video clips.

Obama’s ineffectualness in the health care debate (and some would argue for other examples, such as the Prez’s handling of investigations into detainee abuse i.e TORTURE) could lose him the base that worked hard to get him to the White House in the first place–if Obama doesn’t lose their full support than he may, at the very least, lose their full energy and grass-roots know-how–after all, campaigns are won on the ground by young volunteers who excitedly go from door-to-door in order to push for their candidate. It’s not glamorous work by any means, but the volunteers on the ground (some are paid) build a foundation for their candidate the to give those nationally televised speeches. It’s been that way since before the internet, but the internet certainly gave more people the means to volunteer to work for a campaign.

So no grass-roots activists=nobody building the foundation for national appearances=obscurity.

The president finds himself in the position that we explained because he lacks the of the type of coherent messages that conservatives are so skilled at creating. Bumper-sticker politics. Obama thinks he’s above that, but he’s got to play the game on the right field if he wants to get anywhere (we here at Nattering Nabobs aren’t so sure anymore that he does actually want to get anywhere).

Look at the above video clips like this:

Clip #1, “Message to Americans From Canadian Doctors & Health Care Experts” video, gives Obama the message that he’s been lacking in the debate. The former Commissioner on Health Care in Canada Roy Romanow says that everyday the President should say at every press conference and every public event that he speaks at: “I Want Medicare For Everyone.” That’s the message that Obama should be using. We’ll expand upon that in the next post.

Clip #2 tells the president the consequences of losing this health care battle. If he drops the ball on this, then Mr. Obama may be unseated in 2012 not by the Republican party, but by idealogical progressives (while we’re using our terms loosely in this post, you can call it The Left, The Democratic Party Left, Liberals, The Progressive Caucus, etc.).

And this is what happens when you use your base to get elected and then take them for granted.

Welcome to the Nattering Nabobs of Negativism.


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