The White House’s H.R Department

We didn’t know who Van Jones was before we were perusing the Huffington Post’s comments section a few weeks ago (yes, we like to party) and found a post by an obvious Glenn Beck fan, who posted a “list of questions for the White House.” We assume that this ‘list’ was written by Beck himself–Beck is Wight Wing (RW) talk show host, and also has a show on Fox News.

Beck is not your typical Right Wing talk show host, though. He is a RW conspiracy nut ,and he simply MUST be seen to be believed. The “list of questions” was unremarkable…your typical Red Meat issues for the tin-foil wearing base of the RW Movement. But one of the ‘questions’ was “Why is Van Jones in a top position in the White House?” Not knowing who Jones was, we looked him up on Wikipedia. This is what they have on him:

Anthony “Van” Jones (born September 20, 1968) is an environmental advocate, civil rights activist, attorney and author, who served from March 16[1] to September 5,[2] 2009 as Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) in the United States.

Van Jones is now the ex-Special Advisor for Green Jobs. He resigned got canned from his job for two apparent reasons: 1) He called Republicans “assholes” in a speech that was mostly taken out of context and 2) he unknowingly signed a “9/11 Truther” petition.

Of course neither of these above events merit being fired. Worse offenses were committed in the Bush White House, and as we recall more officials were awarded the Medal of Honor than were fired for incompetence.

But Jones was also the founder of Color of Change, an organization which is responsible for an exodus of big advertisers from Glenn Beck’s Fox News show after Beck said that Barack Obama is a racist.

Now, the White House may have thought that it was squashing a controversial staff member, but what they’ve done is allow RW hysteria inform the hiring and firing of White House officials. The “Right Wing Noise Machine” is, in a way, the White House’s new Human Resources Department.

In retrospect, the Nabobs have found out that “The Glenn Beck” show had become the “Get Van Jones Fired Show” sever since the advertiser exodus from Beck’s show (including Walmart, Progressive Insurance, CVS, Men’s Warehouse and around 30 others).

So the Nabobs have been listening to Right Wing radio this past week (so that you don’t have to!), and the White House H.R Department–nearly every single show on the Satellite Radio show “America Right”–has been talking non-stop about Cass Sunstein, the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

Don’t be  surprised when Sunstein resigns in order to “not destract attention from the Presidents agenda.”

We think that lately the president’s agenda seems to be to placate a minority hard-right faction of Americans who will never, ever approve of anything that the president does.


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