Obama, enemy of progressives

We ‘re sorry to say this, but based on facts and observations, there doesn’t seem to be any other conclusion but that Barack Obama is an enemy of progressives.

He isn’t just a disappointment to progressives because he ‘s not a liberal as our side would like–though is viewing his senate record, it’s no surprise that Obama is a centrist Democrat, not a liberal or even left-leaning.

And the president is not just a disappointment because he’s thrown people and groups that helped him get elected(ACORN, progressives, Van Jones) in a misguided attempt to quiet his most virulent critics–who will never like him–in the name of bipartisanship.

Instead, President Obama’s agenda so far appears to be actively in support of the status quo. He actively supports Wall Street executive out-of-control pay, maintaining a general culture of unaccountability for the architects U.S’s biggest financial and foreign policy screw-ups, and sadly he supports allowing private insurance companies–who have proven to be detrimental to our health and our countries prosperity–to continue reaping profits by our sickness and misery.

What a disappointment.


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