Family Research Council push polls The Nabobs

At around 12:10 pm today we received an interesting phone call at Nabob Headquarters. It began as a recored ‘robo-call’ from something called “ABBC Research.” It asked us to agree or disagree to several questions.

The first asked: would we support health care reform even if it allowed the government to pay for abortions?

Though this is a suspicious question (to the best of our knowledge the the reform bill does not look to change the current law by allowing federal funds to pay for abortion) we emphatically said, “yes!”

The next question confirmed our suspicion that this was a ‘push-poll’ by asking: would we support the health care reform bill even though it will raise our premiums, create a government run health care system, use federal money to pay for abortions, create panels run by unelected officials to deny coverage, start rationing care, raise taxes, dig up the graves of 9/11 victims and use their remains to club babies to death, ban christianity and burn the bible?

Though we aren’t sure about the accuracy of the last few questions, the poll was clearly meant to mislead and implant ideas in the heads of the poll’s respondents. We waited through the rest of the poll’s dubious questions our suspicions were confirmed; the ‘poll’ was actually sponsored by a conservative organization, namely the Family Research Council, the anti obscenity, anti-abortion conservative holy-holler christian right group founded by James Dobson.

Nuff said?


One response to “Family Research Council push polls The Nabobs

  1. Too many people of faith think the world is going to hell in a hand-basket. What’s with hand-baskets anyway? Here’s my latest blog posting on why the Christians need to quit spreading the myth (through their constant complaining) that the world is just getting worse all the time.

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